Just make sure to include speakup in your comment so we can find it

Just make sure to include speakup in your comment so we can find it. Every weekday we'll pull one of the best speakup posts we can find and highlight it here.”While you were busy opening presents, David Jaffe and the crew at Eat Sleep Play were crunching like mad on the new Twisted Metal, yet he still had time to answer fans' pressing questions about the next generation of vehicular combat.The outspoken creator plumbed the minds of replica Tag Heuer WJF2212-BA0586 Men's Watch and GameSpot readers, NeoGAF posters, and more for questions they wanted answered about the next Twisted Metal, and answered their questions as best he could without giving too much away.

He does confirm split-screen online multiplayer using different PlayStation Network IDs, as well as two-player online co-op for single player, which are the sort of lovely features we look for when we're shooting other people with cars.What I took away from this is that David is that Twisted Metal is shaping up nicely, and Jaffe is getting a replica Tag Heuer CJ1112.BA0576 Men's Watch dog, both incredibly important things.David Jaffe Answers Your Twisted Metal PS3 Questions [PlayStation Blog via Gamer.Blorge]”Turns out the story of a fighting game can be worth something, as illustrated by Israeli television series “Hasamba 3 G.

“ In this snippet from the show, spotted by SDTekken, the Mishima clan from Tekken get name-dropped for laughs.Remember kids, when you need to bluff your way out of electroshock torture, knowledge of a fictional international organization replica Tag Heuer CT511B.BA0564 Men's Watch populated with fighting game characters can come in handy. This is the stuff they don't teach you in school.”Microsoft has already taken action to block developer ThriXXX's adults-only girl-groping Kinect game from PC release, but that hasn't stopped the El Paso, Texas Fox affiliate from terrifying parents with the thought of their young children touching virtual breasts.

with visions of Stacking and Costume Quest under the tree

“ Whether that game will be Super Meat Boy, however, remains to be seen."Brutal Legend makers Double Fine wish you a happy holiday, with visions of Stacking and Costume Quest under the tree, plus possible hints about the next two downloadable games coming from the developer's "Amnesia Fortnight" project. Any guesses?"The first three replica Rolex 116519-WAL Watch months of 2011 are full of Musou flavor, courtesy of Dead or Alive and Dynasty Warriors publisher Tecmo Koei. It might also squeeze in a pair of Nintendo 3DS games, right around the 3D handheld's launch.

Tecmo Koei has at least three games arriving in North America by the end of March, with the following PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games giving you a hearty dose of hack and slash and role-playing action.Trinity: Souls of Zill ‘Oll (PS3) – February 8, 2011Warriors: Legends of Troy (PS3, Xbox 360) – March 8, 2011Dynasty Warriors 7 (PS3, Xbox 360) – March 22, 2011Tecmo Koei also has Dead or Alive Dimensions and Samurai Warriors swiss replica watches Chronicles coming for the Nintendo 3DS, promising that details on those two titles will hit not long after the new year.”To: Ashcraft From: CrecenteTristan left cookies for Santa too.... and an iPhone set up to record video of anyone who ate them.

:DWhat you missed last nightThe CityVille How To: A Guide to Building the City of Your DreamsThe Year In Motion Control Video Games: The Hype, The Horror, The HappinessWhat Game Did Wolverine Get For Christmas?The Luckiest Non-Gaming Moments EverStyling Our Video Game Characters in Real-World FashionsBring A replica brand watches Motion Sickness Bag To The 3D RevolutionLocal News Scares Parents With Kinect Sex Game”A prototype version of The Legend of Zelda—or Zelda no Densetsu, if you're a Famicom owner—has been released by the folks at The Lost Levels forums, a Nintendo curiosity that offers an early look at the NES classic.

Characters like Mario have since superseded borders and are now part of the global cultural

Characters like Mario have since superseded borders and are now part of the global cultural. As with the 1970s, that decade brought more toys from Japan like Voltron and M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. Kids that couldn't even find Japan on a map were playing with their toys. Even today, a trip down the aisle at your local Toys”R”Us turns up all kinds replica Rolex 116519 Men's Watch of goodies from The Land of the Rising Sun.Can Japanese bureaucrats make a go of this? So many of Japan's biggest cultural exports were not designed with foreigners in mind. They were designed for domestic consumption and then taken abroad, where ultimately foreigners decided what they liked, and these Japanese exports were met with success.

Or weren't. This is something that solves itself and not with focus groups. But there's money to be made, Japanese pop culture to be promoted.Culture Smash is a daily dose of things topical, interesting and sometimes even awesome — game related and beyond.[Pic]”Sean Galloway threw down an excellent collection of Street Fighter character illustrations in his unique style.Related Rampage: Ironlad to the RescueStreet Fighter Busts by Sean Galloway (deviantART) (Facebook) (Twitter) replica Rolex 116518-BKDL Men's Watch Need your daily fill of geek eye candy? If so, head over to Justin Page's Rampaged Reality and get your fix. Republished with permission.

“How's everybody holding up under the weight of all that snow? We're talking to you, northeastern Kotaku readers and everyone else who wants to join in on some off-topic conversation.Things are cool and comfortable here in Florida, where blizzards tend not to happen. It's a little frosty, but nothing tough video games media types can't handle. How are you ladies and gentlemen dealing with the cold? Is it keeping you replica Rolex 116518-MDL Watch indoors and playing video games?Please, join us for the delights of an open thread, won't you?Darth Vader redesigned, based on Lucas' original description - Some great, some unrealistic re-imaginings.Library lets you check out humans for research - Toronto library gives people the chance to learn more about other ways of life.

Creative Industries Promotion Office in hopes of promoting its soft power

The Japanese government, however, doesn't.This past summer, Japan established a Creative Industries Promotion Office in hopes of promoting its soft power abroad. Other countries in Asia are already doing so — both South Korean and China work hard to promote their films internationally.According to the Wall Street replica Rolex 16570-BKSO Men's Watch Journal, the goal is to increase “Cool Japan” revenues to the equivalent of US$616 billion in 2020. This isn't only about selling comic books abroad as things like make-up and fashion also fall under the Cool Japan umbrella. Culturally, Japan continues carries weight — whether it be through food, fine art or even industrial design and fashion.

The mystery for Japan is latching on to what foreigners think is cool about the country, and then turning that coolness into cold hard cash. A Japanese television show polled foreigners and learned that they think the coolest thing about Japan are the country's toilets — ho-hum and “normal” to Japanese people.And Japanese people, on the replica Rolex 114270-BKAO Men's Watch other hand, might think things like its fireworks or festivals are pretty darn cool, but might find those have less appeal abroad. To help pinpoint this concept of cool, focus groups are being formed with foreigners who live in Japan, but who haven't lived in Japan long enough so the place seems normal.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan is pushing forward with Cool Japan, viewing the campaign as one of the “national projects for Japan's economic recovery in the 21st century”. Kan isn't alone. Former Prime Minister Taro Aso, now promoting cute booze, was also keen to use the Cool Japan power.For years, the concept of “Cool Japan” replica Rolex 116519 Men's Watch existed in gaming even before there was a word to describe it. As early as the 1960s, Japanese animation was being repackaged for Western viewers. If you were a gamer in the 1980s, you played Japanese games.


national parks not replica Bell & Ross Military Typ watches only visit our own

Wondering what parks to explore on your next trip abroad? Listen to the experts: The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees released a list of their ten favorite parks abroad yesterday. We who have spent our lives working in and with national parks not replica Bell & Ross Military Typ watches only visit our own, but make an effort to see other countries’ national parks, too,” CNPSR member Don Goldman, former park planner in the old Southwest Region of the National Park Service, said in a press release. Choosing the ten best parks in the entire world was like picking from among the loveliest flowers in the field, he said.

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You voted on the 10 Greatest Adventurers Since 1900. Were impressed with your picks—but well stick with our list. Check immediately below for the top 10. If you want to see the full results, a list by percentage is embedded at the bottom of this page. replica Gucci watches Reader Picks: The 10 Greatest Adventurers Since 190010. Alex Lowe9. Laird Hamilton8. Yvon Chouinard7. Amelia Earhart6. Thor Heyerdahl5. Roald Amundsen4. Reinhold Messner3.